Some of Our Client Requests

Dear Abaci Kart team,
I am writing to you from  Baku, Azerbaijan.
Below you can find a list of products that we are interested in.
Please advise if these products are in scope of your work, if yes please provide a price offer and lead time for them.
HID Fargo HDP5000 Dual-sided Retransfer Printer Dual Side Printing with Dual Side Lamination – 2 eded
Fargo YMC : Full color ribbon 750 images    -13 eded
Fargo 84053 Clear HDP Film 1500 Imprints compatible with Fargo printer HDP5000  - 7 eded
Custom Holographic Origination Fees  - 2 eded
Custom Holographic Thermal Transfer Overlaminate Whole Card 0.25 mil 500 Images  - 50 eded
Asure ID Express affordable and easy to use stand alone photo ID card software – 2 eded
Photo Camera Canon EOS 200D EF-S 8-55mm STM Lens Kit 24.2 MP,DSLR Camera, Black   -2 eded
Vanguard Aliminium Tripod with 3 Way PAN/Tilt Head, Alta CA-203APH,Black  - 2 eded
USB to Mini USB cable – 3 meters  - 2 eded
DigiCam Control Software   - 2 eded
PVC Polycarbonat Cards Emarine Blank overlay Clear White Card 125khz EM4200  - 4700 eded
Ultraviolet (UV) image printing on the card  -  4700  eded
HD Patterrn printing on both sides of the card   - 4700 eded
Dear Sirs
We would like to purchase a colour plastic double sided printer , kindly send us your options and quotations for our office in Istanbul