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Today, many stores use personal discount cards in order to establish closer relations with their customers and encourage their customers to shop. These personal discount cards are often preferred by customers because they add a different experience to shopping. The fact that these cards are technically functional and made of quality material is very important both for the prestige of the brand and for the continuous use of customers. Today, ABACICARD is known as one of the world's leading manufacturers of high quality cards and using advanced magnetic field technology.

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) and ABACICARD

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is the technical name of the technology used by ABACICARD to produce these cards. This technology allows each card to be identified and differentiated from other cards when it is brought closer to the corresponding identification device. In this way, customers can easily benefit from special discounts and personal shopping points.

The reason ABACICARD uses RFID technology is that it is technically superior to others. ABACICARD is working with many corporate brand that serving actively in Turkey. The cards that the company produces fairly easy identification RFID technology as well as they are protected by some crypto technologies such as ISO / IEC 18000 and ISO / IEC 29167. That is this technology provide users both security and practicality.
Of course, cards are not the only area where RFID technology can be used. But again, such a technology has revolutionized the use of magnetic cards, and the high-quality production of this technology has been the biggest supporter of a new generation of shopping habits.

ABACICARD is preferred not only because of the technology it uses, but also because of its corporate structure and prestige. Today, ABACICARD, which cooperates not only with private companies but also with government agencies and manufactures bus cards or Istanbul Cards that are actively used, makes some special modifications for each card type and prepares the ideal card for the customer in question.

Some of ABACICARD's global customers are Microsoft, Google and Apple. As a technology giant in their respective fields, these companies continue to receive dummy card services from ABACICARD. ABACICARD, which has a professional service concept and quality products, is expanding its position in the global market every year by giving a high rate of return to the orders they receive.