Hotel Door Cards Production by ABACICARD

Nowadays, magnetic technologies are becoming more preferred than analog technologies. Because the new generation of digital technologies is much easier to use. Many brands now prefer to use magnetic technologies in the areas they need. This also applies to hotels. In order to open and lock the doors in hotels, magnetic cards are used today, not keys. This creates the need for reliable and high-quality magnetic cards for many hotels. Magnetic hotel cards are not actually cards that have a single type and a single function as seen from the outside. ABACICARD has diversified the magnetic cards that can be used in hotel doors thanks to its advanced technologies and experience in the sector.

Different Kinds of Hotel Door Cards

Nowadays, hotel door cards can be produced according to various requests. Hotel door cards that you will produce with ABACICARD can be smart hotel cards if you wish. Smart hotel cards are cards that can control multiple features at the same time and thus have more practical functions. These cards have chip to function by. The magnetic field of the cards is made in a very good quality. In this way, the cards can be used without spoiling for many years. ABACICARD can diversify these cards thanks to its wide range of products. In addition to smart hotel cards, hotel cards can be produced as magnetic and contactless cards (proximity smart cards).
The most important feature of the magnetic hotel cards to be produced by ABACICARD is that they are encrypted against copying. In this way, we see that these cards, which offer a high level of practicality in terms of usage, also provide a guarantee for security.
Today, hotels such as Zorlu Grand Hotel, Titanic Hotel, The Magic Place and many more are working with ABACICARD and thus using high security quality magnetic cards.