Tourism and Leisure cards

Friday, May 25, 2018

ABACICARDa worldwide leader for tourism and leisure cards manufacturing, manufactures high quality cards for the tourism and industries, as frequent flyer card, prepaid travel card, with attractive and, innovative designs. ABACI KART guarantees wide range of solutions for a variety of possible applications, like smart cards, contactless cards, RFID cards.

The cards are extremely useful tools that can facilitate identification and access operations. Why not provide your customers with a personalized membership card? Membership cards, prepaid travel cards, frequent flyer card and hotels key cards give your company a modern and dynamic image. Customized using your colors, these card boost the status of your client and increase their loyalty and feeling of belonging to your brand.

Thanks to ID badges created by ABACICARD, access by the public and authorised personnel can be regulated in a practical and secure manner. In addition you can integrate access management, prepayment, or even promotional offers in your customer cards.


  • Loyalty cards for frequent flyers (air travel) or for frequent stayers (hotel stays)
  • Key cards for hotel rooms
  • Security badges to access safety deposit boxes (Identification Cards)
  • Security badges to access safety deposit boxes (Access Control)
  • Prepaid motorway cards
  • Pocket calendars
  • Prepaid phone cards
  • Prepaid cards for services and activities within holiday resorts, hotels…
  • Discount cards and reward cards
  • ID tags for luggage
  • Car park cards
  • Access cards or payment cards for historic centres, museums, shows, exhibitions... (Access Control)
  • Access cards or payment cards for historic centres, museums, shows, exhibitions... (Prepaid Cards)
  • Subscriptions for gyms, swimming pools, sports centres, beauty centres...
  • Access badges
  • ID badge cards for instructors, trainers...Ski passes
  • Loyalty cards for beauty centres, spas...
  • Cards for members, collaborators, visitors
  • Programmes for regular members
  • Loyalty cards
  • Promotional gadget cards for events
  • Membership cards for gyms or centres in general