Card Personalisation by ABACICARD Tuesday, May 15, 2018
ABACICARD is the European leader in the manufacture and personalisation of smart cards with over...
ABACICARD is a leading company in manufacturing customized membership cards...
ABACICARD has gained high experience as telecom card manufacturers becoming a leading company...
Microsoft, Google Play, Apple AppStore & iTunes prepaid cards by ABACICARD
ABACICARD attended ATRAX - Amusement-Attraction, Park-Recreation Exhibition.
Abaci Kart A.S. (ABACICARD) met with the leading telecommunication companies of Mongolia...
Attending the world’s largest telecommunication congress in BARCELONA GSMA 2018.
Proud of our services and customers for 35 years. This is 35th year of ABACICARD.
Wish you happy and a peaceful new year! All together to the great future!
Welcome CarrefourSA Friday, December 8, 2017
Welcome our valuable customer CarrefourSA.